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Exercise Machines

Treadmills Ellipticals / Cross Trainers Cycling Machines Other Abdominal Toning Belts Mini Cycling Machines Horse Riding Machine Powered Yoga Balance Ball Surfing Machines Vibration Machine

Sewing & Textile

Embroidery Machine Punching Machine Sewing Machine Knitting Machine Quilting Machine Overlock Machine Serger

Power Tools

Test & Measurement Tools Measurement, Detection and Diagnostic Tools Clamp Meter Combustion Analyzer Digital Multimeter Digital Inspection Camera Ferrodetector Fork Meter Laser Level Laser Measuring Device Laser Range Meter Leak… Read more »

Sports & Leisure

Entertainment Balloon Inflator Bubble Machine Dartboard Night Vision Goggles Speed/Velocity Radar Gun Snow Goggles (with integrated camera, video, fan, etc.) Water Sports, Pool, Scuba Products Scuba Mask (with or without… Read more »

Very Small Items

Air fresheners – small direct plug in or battery operated devices that contain scent Frothers – handheld devices used only to froth beverages (note these are smaller than handheld blenders)… Read more »

Air Treatment

Air Treatment Air purifiers Air flow equalizers Aromatherapy machines Portable air cleaners Portable fans Portable heaters Portable heaters or fireplaces that are built to resemble furniture, if they are powered… Read more »

Garment Care

Active ironing board Boot dryers/glove dryers Clothes shavers Cordless irons Garment steamers Garment sanitizing devices Household irons Pant press Stationary irons Shoe brush Travel irons

Floor Cleaning

Large Floor Cleaning Upright vacuum cleaners Canister vacuum cleaners Floor or surface steamer Floor scrubbers/polishers Full-size extractor carpet cleaner Portable extractor carpet cleaner Robotic vacuums Wet-dry vacuum cleaners 15 litres… Read more »